Ocun Twist Harness (2019) Climbing Sit harnesses

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Ocun Twist Harness (2019) Climbing Sit harnesses

Ocun Twist Harness (2019) Climbing Sit harnesses

Ocun Twist Harness (2019) Climbing Sit harnesses

Product details

A basic harness featuring a well-tried design. The movable waist belt enables ideal centering of the padding as well as flexible sizing - the waist belt goes through a drawstring-like channel in the padding so the padding can be adjusted precisely to face the belay loop. Gear loopes are also placed symetrically. Extra safety is ensured non-detachable connections that don´t alow wrong tie-in. The shape of the harness accomodates body geometry, it is also reducing pressure when belaying, abseiling and especially when falling. It´s suitable for sport climbs as well as for longer traditional routes and day-long climbing.


  • Padded waist and leg loops made of very comfortable sandwich material
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • adjustable tail
  • EN 12277 type C, UIAA 105


  • Climbing Harness:
  • Type:Waistbelt

  • Applications:Alpine climbing
    , Via ferrata
    , Sport climbing
  • Buckle Type : Slide Lock Buckle
  • Material :Clasp:Stainless steel SS-420J2 (2 x 20 mm, 1 x 30 mm)
  • Equipment:
  • Number of hip buckles:1

  • Number of fabric straps:4

  • Number of safety straps / rings:1

  • features:Fixing loop for rope/chalk bag

  • Adjustable leg strap:Adjustable leg loops with buckles

  • Size adjustment:adjustable one size
  • Security:
  • Test certificate:EN 12277
    , UIAA
  • Dimensions :Weight:365 g
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Model year: 2019
  • Ocun Twist Harness (2019) Climbing Sit harnesses

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